We Repair:

  • All Cellphones - iPhones, Samsung
  • iPads including all tablets
  • Batteries, Screens, Computers and more

Security and Quality is our focus. Our Certified Mobile Technicians are trained to protect your information while doing your repairs, using the highest standards of data protection. Your phone has a lot of personal and confidential information. We want you to know that any parts we use are source verified, premium certified and lifetime warrantied. Contact us today for pricing and to set up an appointment. 

"We finally found our  secure tech partner..." 







We only work with vendors who warranty their parts as trusted, premium tested parts. Our parts carry a lifetime warranty which means you can rest knowing they are made with quality in mind.

Your information is confidential and we want you to know we are Certified Mobile Technicians trained in understanding how to protect your information during repairs.  Our techs are certified in data protection, certified in protecting confidential information and trained in cybersecurity.

We take pride in our work and hope to become your technology partner. We are a local family business. We actively participate in our DC community and support local business by sourcing most of our parts from a local Virginia vendor. We hope you find our service exceeds your expectations for years to come.

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Premium Verified Parts with Lifetime Warranty
Secured and Trusted Repairs by Certified Mobile Technicians
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